What? Why?

This blog is just meant to be a front-end for some TL work that I plan to do. I want to learn Japanese and I want to do something real with it. I think translating WN is a good way to get going. I could work for translation groups but I find that my TL schedule gets rather sporadic and inconsistent, so I don’t think I can adhere to a strict deadline.


I’m just a Computer Science student living in the UK. I really like the WN/LN translation community and over the past 2 years, I have read a lot. It’s about high time I start contributing back.


I’d like to think I’m fluent in Japanese – I can converse with my Japanese friend and my accent isn’t that bad either. It’s just that I learnt from reading subtitles and watching anime/film so my vocabulary and lexis are rather skewed.

So, I’m gonna use a combination of MT and my own interpretation. I could just read it all myself but that way is too slow as my Kanji vocabulary is nonexistent and the lookup can get really slow.