004 – Dreams

004 – Dreams


Dreams, everyone has them. TLN

What do you want to be when you grow up?“, “What do you want to do when you become an adult?“, the reply to these questions would be, “My dream“.
Pastry Mil Molten’s dream was to one day make the best pastry. To that end, with all his energy, he had taken it upon himself to restructure his father’s dominion. But that was only a small facet of his dream.


The dreams of adolescent boys were something like “become a hero and defeat a dragon” or to become a knight and offer protection in a time of need” or “to gallantly rescue a childhood friend from thieves“. UHAHA.
Even though you could call these delusions, they are also a kind of dream.


As to the dreams of girls, there are similar cliches such as “for a good looking prince to fall in love and become a princess” or “to find a gallant female knight to serve” or “to have a constitution that doesn’t get fat no matter what you eat“. These too can be called dreams instead of delusions.


Then, what about the dreams of parents?


Rearing a child is something to be valued and respected.
And, anyone has the potential to become a parent.
Especially for women, the matter or pregnancy and childbirth are only but a matter of course. TLN
Decision have to be made with the future of the children in mind.
For a parent, to dream of a future without the child would be ill fated. With that in mind, wouldn’t the dreams of parent not be weighed with their children in mind?


Looking a one such girl, the answer would be obvious.
Her dream once she became a parent was “I want to dress my son in the best clothes“.
Pastry’s mother and the Viscount’s wife. Anies Mil Molten.
At present, she was racing to fulfill hers. This aspect of her’s was akin to her son’s. Such resemblance!


「How about this tunic? Ah, looks good …  but it feels like this and the color of the socks clash. But, but, the delicate stitching on these shoes is pretty so I can’t just discard them … Although, the previous shoes would probably be fine this. I wonder if we have the right size. Aah ? I’m so lost … 」(Anies)


Playing dress up with children’s clothes was a matter of fun to the mother.
The ‘clothes of my choice‘; it was such a feeling.
Even though she couldn’t do it herself, she could do it to her son.
It was similar to the spirit of the confectioner who wants to make the best candy – to show that she make the most presentable ‘boy’. In some strange way, they were two peas in a pod.
In order to find the best conbination, she was enjoying solving this puzzle, thoroughly savoring this moment.


The son had shed all the futile resistance and reached the perfection of apathy. “Mō katte ni shi te kure” – “Do as you please” , he had that feeling. TLN


「Mother, how about these shoes. Even though they are the shoes I wore in the past, don’t they suit Pace just fine?」 (Josephine)

「Arara Joze , aren’t those the shoes dear to you?」 (Anies)

「Its fine. Isn’t it brother’s public appearance? I’ll lend it to him.」 (Josephine)

「Aah, what a splendid sister you have become! Joze. It’s beautiful (suteki-wa).」 (Anies) TLN

The mother, with an exaggerated reaction, drew her daughter into a hug. Josephine Mil Molten, the 5th daughter of the Molten household.
From Pastry’s point of view, she was the only sister he had, as the other 4 sisters have already married into other households and left the house.


Josephine, or rather Joze, was already used to her mother’s excessive skinship. That being said , being habituated to it in both mind and body, naturally received it (atarimae no koto).
Skinship between a mother and daughter, rather than hugging a boy, is easier on the eyes, thought Pace.
Habitually being the brunt of his mother’s hugs, Pastry was silently grateful to his sister. ‘Just keep sticking to her like that‘, he thought.
However, at this rate, they would never finish. Reluctantly, he raised his voice at his sister. TLN


「Thanks, Joze ane-sama , Thanks (gozai masu)」

「Whats with the thanks, Pace, you’ve worked hard haven’t you. I won’t follow you but , listen carefully to what father says.」

「Sure. I’ll be fine.」TLN


The women of the Molten family are known to be good looking.
The father was very masculine looking , the mother was a looker, some would say that the children that inherited their blood would undoubtedly be good looking as well.
Each of the 6 children inherited their mother’s good features. Even among them, it was the youngest son that took after her the most.


In a feudalistic society, hierarchy among siblings was strictly followed. It was common sense to abide by the orders of their elders.
However, Pastry’s sister loved him indiscriminately.


The reason for this was the brother’s character. He was unusually honest, smart, charmingly cute (in a cuddly puppy kinda way), had silky silver hair with soft cheeks on a petite build.
All things considered, plenty to catch the eye.
Coupled with his easy-going attitude and filial nature made him very amicable.


To Pace his current relationship with his sisters fortunate, but at this instant, he considered himself unlucky.


「Mother , how about this dress. Doesn’t it suit Pace?」(Josephine)

「Maa , its cute. Oh well , this dress would be fine, wouldn’t it?」(Anies)

「Mother , sister , I’m a boy…?」(Pastry)

「It’s fine , cos it suits you.」(Anies)

「That right. Nee, just for a while longer.」(Josephine)


From the movie, Warm Bodies (2013) , Mandeville Films.


Confronted with the powerful mother-daughter tag team , Pace had a futile feeling about fighting them. But he still wanted to avoid wearing female clothing.
I am a man, he thought strongly.


「Shall we select his women’s underwear?」(Anies)

「Then, I will strip him!!」(Josephine)

「Stop ~ ~ !!」(Pastry)


Pace, who had to continue his ripostes until the end of the day, ended up weary.





「Haa ~ 」(Pastry)

「Whats wrong , son of mine. You’re making such a tired face . It’s time to set off for your long awaited Sanctification ceremony」(Casserole)


The morning of the afore mentioned ceremony , Casserole, looking at the tired face of his son , was able to discern the damage .


TLN : Can’t translate completely


The Molten territory, optimistically speaking could be described as a prosperous land in the middle of development. Pessimistically speaking, there were many pockets of untamed land. As such, the dress is not something that a common household could afford, much less make. Hence, it was considered a luxury.
So, once bought, one continues to use it for a long time.
It would not be considered to use hand me downs. Especially clothes such as formal wear are treated as an inheritance.
For example, the Japanese Kimono has the tradition of being passed from mother to daughter. Such customs are prevalent everywhere.


In the era of mass production, it may be trivial, but clothes here were important personal assets – luxury assets even.
To the lords and their subjects, such was common sense.


The exception to this is children’s clothing.


The fact that a child’s growth can be rapid is something well known. Especially at the peak of their growth, for a piece of clothing to not be even a year old is common. In the worst case, there would be a discernible change for the previous evening to the morning after.
Mothers would often alter clothes as part of their daily lives according to their growth by letting down the hems and re-sewing. However, the correction can only go to the limit of the clothes. It cannot extend past the original hem length.


So in many cases, from the sharing of children’s clothes, a custom of mutual aid between the members of the village was born.
As such, once the clothes do not fit, the household will had over the clothes to smaller children.
These aging clothes that had passed several times would end up patchy.
In the poorest households, children would be naked, so having some clothing can be considered to be blessing.


In this cycle, someone would have the wear it at the beginning when it was ‘new‘.
In most cases, this would be the ‘child of the lord‘.


This serves to clarify the rank within the territory and to establish hierarchy, even among children, the customs are enforced.
Even if a small rich man was present, he would often buy new used clothes and refrain from purchasing anything new.


Even so, for this day he was wearing his best Sunday clothes, being the object of envy is a matter of course.
And waiting impatiently to show off the results of his proud growth was his mother.


「Oh , it seems he is coming.」

「Hee ~. So he’s wearing those clothes?」

「Oi, look at that. That button , really delicately crafted. Are ~ , is it the coat of arms? Looks expensive.」

「Wow. They must be loaded. I wonder if they would give me some?」


Boys and girls of the same generation stared wistfully at Pace.


Dignified and beautiful features. Sparkling beauty with silver hair that fluttered in the wind. And in beautiful harmony were his azure formal clothes.
A coat was fastened to the afore mentioned button gave a subtle constriction at the waist which emphasized his slender physique.
The pants were perfectly pressed and folds at the hem were correctly aligned.
Just the shoes appeared a little feminine but passed off as a luxury item.
From top to bottom, from whatever angle, he looked splendid – like the son of a good noble family.


Against that look of purity, the naughty boys and girls had made him into the object of their banter.


「He looks good. I too want to wear that kind of cool breezy clothes…」

「Impossible. Just that, is impossible.」

「Why? Even I, might someday wear those clothes. You have no way of knowing whether or not I might.」

「That too is impossible. Even if you wear those kind of good clothes , the contents of the atire are you, so however you carry yourself you’ll look fugly. Even thought the clothes are good , the contents are bad, that’s why, those clothes wont suit you.」

「What the hell was that! (kora!)」

「weird… just stop now…」


I didn’t take long for such boyish childishness to become noisy.
However, they were curbed by the mothers that accompanied them.
Resulting in a bump on their heads.


Of course, there is a look of longing in the eyes of some young ladies but this was different shade to that of the boys.
That precocious familiar feeling of “my prince“.
The place that became noisy with shrill tones  were also coaxed to silence.
Noisy daughters would be hated by the young master, with such heart-warming lies.


In this way, everyone gathered raised a fuss at the send-off.


On the surface,this could be seen as the couple bragging about their son, but it was a necessary action from a territorial governance point of view.


The Viscount Molten’s territory is an emerging territory which has grown to the point where the family head could be referred to as the First Generation.
Originally, this wasteland and mountains were owned by the royal family and was understood to be a buffer zone between neighboring countries.
Geographically speaking, domestic trade and travel were difficult, control of the Yara beast that guarded the wild treasure trove that was the land itself was difficult and was subject to political pressure. Pessimistically speaking, it was an abandoned non-interference zone.
Do weeds grow? This round land received the least rainfall. There is no doubt that this land would be abandoned. No one would have been grateful to receive this land.
Other than the extraordinary feat of valor that resulted in him being gifted this land, the other was that “no other master but me“.
Altogether, these reasons became a powerful deterrent to neighboring countries. Also, being so remote and isolated made it so that the rule of the territory by the master would be absolute and intractable.


The opportunity to unify everyone under the dominion to stabilize the territory.
It was that kind of demonstration. TLN


The reason was, a rare ability said to be gifted to one-in-a-million.
It was “MAGIC”.


「Well then… everyone , attention!」


Saying so, along with his son, circle away from the rest.
There was a the pride of man who carrying as sense of responsibility.


「Have a safe trip dear. Pace, you too , be careful. Don’t follow strangers, ok?」(Anies)

「Itterasshai, young master. I pray for your speedy journey.」

「Pace-sama ~. Don’t forget my present ~」

「Its OK to forget this baka’s present ~yo~. But please don’t forget mine though~ ~」


While waving in front of the people who put the words of the send-off unanimously, Casserole put a hand on the shoulder of Pace.

「Lets go」(Casserole)

「Yes, father.」(Pace)


Along with the words, the two people in that spot vanished without a trace.


「As ever, the lord’s magic is impressive!」

「Are, what are you talking about?」

「I was talking about the Instantaneous Movement …」

「Thats right… Thats right , instEntanUs movement!」

「You imbecile , its instantaneous 」

「What… that’s what I said..」


Until now, the topic of the costume of Pace was source of discussion, but this time was noisy in the magic of the Viscount.
Looking at the people under one’s dominion, they were proud of the fact that the Viscount had laid such a good government.
While nodding in satisfaction, they returned to their homes.


Now only 2 people were left. A women stares at where the lord and his son had vanished.
Agnes Mil Molten, the Viscount’s wife and their 5th daughter, Josephine.
People filtered out in two and threes, but still cast a glance back at them.


She noticed an important thing.
The mother immediately called out to her daughter who was nearby.
Unexpectedly, Jose was also aware of it.


「Nee , Jose…」(Anies)

「Yes, mother?」(Josephine)


The eyes of the mother and daughter communicate what they are trying to say to each other.
The words that escaped the two of them matched in stunning harmony as expected of a mother and daughter.


「「As I thought, Pace looks better as a trap.」」(Anies & Joesphine)


Looks like the nightmares for Pace would continue.




TL Notes


I have to be honest here: I have heavily edited this chapter. There was a lot of information presented and (I felt that) it was very badly fragmented in the paragraphs. My original translation made it seem as if a primary school kid wrote it in broken English.
If you feel that I have taken too much liberties with the translation/editing – leave me a comment. It would help if you could provide an alternative translation or reading, so that I can correct myself.

Was a bit I couldn’t translate (completely). I don’t think it particularly adds any value at the point but if you could translate it – that would be great.


This chapter was a nightmare to translate. Why?

Number 1. The author’s use of the narrative voice is really annoying and inconsistent. I have no trouble translating the speech and descriptive text. But when he/she (the choice of pronoun is an extended satire – read on) decides to just flit between the narrative tone (akin to a narrator speaking) and the descriptive tone (3rd person, use of infinitives, passive voice), its so hard to follow.

Number 2. The chapter is an estrogen pill. I’m not being sexist or anything, but it really is. Not sure if the effenimate protagonist is scoring any points but this chapter was just… cliche after cliche, colored in bubblegum pink.

Number 3. Hmmm. I running out of things to complain about. The chapter was really LONG. That also another reason why this chapter too so long to release (the other reason being my impending deadlines for uni work)


How I made this chapter fun to translate:

1. I made a gif. Surprisingly hard when you don’t have acrobat to work with .swf files (which is what I used in school).

2. I referenced some Korean dramas I watched recently.

3. I browsed the internet (*cough*rule34) to see what a trap was and whether I used the term correctly (and subsequently proceeded to rinse my eyes with bleach and taser the memories from my brain.)

4. played soloQ in LoL to remember what being man was all about – passive aggression, chauvinism, pessimism.

5. Tried to include some terms from the speech elements of the raw as Romaji to improve the reading experience (tell me how it pans out in the comments)






<will be posted here if anyone posts any corrections/edits>






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So, its been brought up that the synopsis for the series is a bit lacking. Do you want me to write you an alternate one? Click on the link below to participate.


I like polls.



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